Impacts and dynamics of volcanically-generated jökulhlaups, Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland

Aims and Objectives


Our project aims to improve understanding of volcanogenic jökulhlaup impacts and processes due to a subglacial volcanic eruption. In order to do this we acquired post-jökulhlaup data for the Gígjökull proglacial area and the Markarfljót to compare against our 9-16 March 2010, full 3D pre-flood TLS (Terrestrial Laser Scanned) topographic datasets. We therefore have an unprecedented and unique opportunity to i) accurately quantify the geomorphological and sedimentary characteristics of a series of jökulhlaups and ii) use these data to inform and validate our reconstructions of the hydrodynamic characteristics of a series of volcanogenic jökulhlaups capable of valley-scale geomorphological and sedimentary impact.

Specific objectives:

(1) Production of a rapid, structured field inventory of the immediate geomorphic and sedimentary impact of volcanogenic jökulhlaups on fluvial systems surrounding Eyjafjallajökull.

(2) Topographic survey and identification of flood wash limits and channel cross-sections to provide input data for reconstruction of flood peak discharge and hydraulics.

(3) Quantification of geomorphic change using pre- and post-jökulhlaup TLS generated DEMs.

(4) Integrate river stage records and wash limit data from project partner IMO with data collected under Specific Objective (2) to test the ability of a range of 2-D hydraulic models to predict the propagation of jökulhlaups of different rheologies.

(5) With reference to objectives 1-4 above, work with project partners (Matthew Roberts and Fiona Tweed) and local stakeholders to improve our understanding of these recent jökulhlaups and apply this knowledge to management of future volcanically generated jökulhlaups.

Eyjafallajokull B

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